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December 7, 2015

Brad Choat, December 7, 2015 3:30am

St. Louis, MO (December 7, 2015) No one knows what will happen to the distinctive old Desloge hospital and chapel properties, as SSMHealth plans to build a new hospital complex for St. Louis University.
Over the weekend, some history lovers and preservationists got to see the French architecture up close, thanks to the Les Amis tour group.
Christopher Desloge, whose ancestors gave money to build thehospital and chapel in the 1930's, understands the tough decision SSM faces, "If they do decide this building and the chapel need to find their way into the history books, after wise counsel and wise deliberation with the community and the landmarks people, then so be it."
Desloge says he'd like to see a museum created somewhere to recognize the history of African-American health care and nurses training in St. Louis.
Elizabeth Sayad of Les Amis introduced a group of about fifty to the chapel on Saturday, "We saw the need to help be sure this chapel, nothing happens to it, because it's such a special part of our French heritage."
Andrew Weil of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis is hopeful the structures can be spared, "In the pantheon of St. Louis architecture and signature buildings, these are really way up there."
SSM has said it hasn't made any decisions about the future of the building