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October 28, 2018

"Terre des hommes" "Wind, Sand and Stars" de Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Presented By:

La Societe Francaise de Saint Louis


"Terre des hommes"
"Wind, Sand and Stars"
de Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Directed by Andre Nerman
with Pascal Germain and Andre Newman

Subtitles in English

Description of the Presentation:

The show is a theatrical adaptation of the book, Terre des hommes (1939), by Saint-Exupéry which won both the Grand Prize for Novels by the French Academy and the National Book Award. The presentation brings together several adventures experienced by the author while he was pilot for Compagnie Aéropostale, one of the first international airmail carriers of the world. Saint-Exupéry is the author of the world-renowned book, Le petit Prince (The Little Prince).

In this adaptation, a present-day man, during a plane trip falls asleep reading Terre des hommes... In his dream he finds Saint-Exupéry and they will relive together the story of the book, the fabulous journey of these pioneers who were among the first to discover the earth from high in the sky.

From his beginnings at Aéropostale in 1920 until a crash in Libya in 1935, St-Exupéry was a man searching for meaning in the closed and fragile world of an airplane cockpit struggling with the elements.

"Man reveals himself by measuring himself against the obstacle ..." Saint Exupéry tells us. And from this tormented sky he discovers a land where the lights are coming closer. "We must try to meet..." this quest for brotherhood is also a message that we explore in St-Exupéry.

In the two-man play, the dreaming man on the plane will become all these characters that St-Exupéry will meet during his missions: his superiors, his teammates, and certain strangers, during unexpected encounters in the hostile and unexplored lands of Africa.

Terre des hommes is a collection of autobiographical essays by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, published in February 1939 in France, where he received the Grand Prize for Novels by the Académie Française, and subsequently in the United States, under the title Wind, Sand and Stars (National Book Award, 1939).


Alliance Française de St. Louis, La Société Française de St. Louis, Les Amis, Lindenwood University, New City School, St. Louis & Lyon Sister Cities, St. Louis University, & The Jane and Bruce Robert Endowment.

Event price:

$12 online only at ($15 at the door)

Event hours:

  • 3:00 to 6:00pm, Please arrive by 2:30pm


  • Auditorium of New City School
    5209 Waterman Blvd.
    Saint Louis, MO 63108